Weekly Programming

Since we opened doors on 4 March 2017, we have learnt a lot, and invested in extensive needs analysis of various opportunities we could facilitate to activate the creative ecosystem in Machakos County and its environs. We have settled on this weekly program, which we will continuously refine to ensure it best suits our clientele and creative collective.

We will begin our week with an interactive segment dubbed #MsaniiMondays. Here we will shed a fat bright light on change makers in the creative front – be it talent, nascent creative ideas and social innovations. We seek to profile and understand what drives our innovators, artists and creatives in a social and interactive way.

#TafakariTuesdays will follow right after. We will delve deeper into subjects that matter in art, culture, creativity, technology, media, life and style. Physically and virtually, in a fun and edutaining way, we will reflect, deliberate and construct creative solutions to issues of social importance. Catch a film, enjoy a conversation, interact with friends and discover your place in the world through art, innovation and creativity!

The world needs love and more love, and so we have set #UpendoWednesdays to remind us about the gift of love and how we can use it to create empathy for our polarised world. Slightly moving away from Ladies night, we expand this day to building love and connections, sharing intimate lunches and dinners, exchanging gifts, recognizing philanthropy and advancing each other’s welfare.

We know by now you need to jog your brain, so #MichezoThursdays is just that day to check if the faculties still work. We invite you to friendlies and mini tournaments, from playing board games, brain games to virtual games. We promise that your mind and heart will leave very refreshed, before Friday lands.

As we always do, #JiachilieFridays remains to be that weekly jump off party that you deserve. We organize themed parties, from one man guitar sessions to guest Djs taking you on trips down memory lane, Friday lands with a bang – Club Night, come dressed to kill, its that one night when you cant afford to stay indoors!

#ThomeSaturdays is our lets-get-together and it-will-be-alright day. The weekend is finally here, friends, relatives, chamas – are welcome to socialize and develop insight and foresight for internal and external communities. Old boys meet lost girls, friends and relatives get together, goat-eating, birthday parties, just but anything to bring us together including a live band!
#BariziSundays is our family day out!   We showcase what our creative lab has been cooking over the week. It could be a play, a comedy, a musical, a spoken word poetry session, or some digital art. We bring to the fore emerging talent, and strive to connect that talent to new audiences and potential markets, exploring outcomes of boot camps and we throw in a flea market for select products.

Lastly, we share this virtual glass of a cooler from #EiyoosKitchen to appreciate each and everyone that is contributing to the success of this creative venture. Our promise to you remains as it has always been; To make creativity and innovation a key driver of the creative economy in the rural and peri-urban space.

Follow our vibe online using the hashtags #UbunifuMashinani #UbunifuEveryday #UbunifuMachakos #CreativeKE. Feedback, inquires and comments are welcome, shoot us email through ubunifumachakos@gmail.com or call our media and communications tower on +254 732 258 569.